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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an Advertisement  to


How much does it cost to place Ads to


There is a charge to place an Advertisement to PROPERTY SHOP but some service categories are not charged. However, If you would like to place an advertisement to PROPERTY SHOP please call on 0112 741 841, Hot Line 0718 800 800 or send a mail to commercial opportunities for charges.


How do I place Ads to


Start by deciding which category your ad should be displayed in, once you have chosen a category you will be able to enter details of your advertisement. If you have not used this site before you'll also be asked for some contact details. You can send your details via email to our office  contact for any help. 


Will property shop appear in any papers?


Yes PROPERTY SHOP Classifieds not only exists online, we publish your advertisement on weekend papers as well. 


How many Ads can I place?


You may place as many Ads for different items as you wish, but you cannot list the same item multiple times.


How long will property shop run for?


All ads run for 12 months (Special Promotion 6 months free), after which you will be given the option to renew your Ad. If you wish to edit, remove or upgrade your Ad at any point during this time by yourself. Contact for any help


Why isn't Place an Ad working?


The 'Place Ad process uses cookies to work, so you will need to ensure that you have cookies enabled in your computer. Any support please sends a mail to help desk.




Why can't I log in?


If you are experiencing problems logging in to, you should change the browser and login. Please contact for technical support.


        Managing Your Ad                                                                                                              

How can I change a picture?


You can change a picture by first removing the picture you want to replace, and then adding a new one. Send new pictures to will do the needful. Or click the Edit link and Add / Remove Pictures then follow the on-screen instructions.


Why an advertisement doesn’t appear after modified?


Once you modify your advertisement, ad will automatically goes to an administrator review for approval. If your modification is  not violating property shop terms and conditions advertisement will be published within 12 hours.


How do I change the price of something I'm advertising?


If Ad isn't generating much interest, it may be that you have set the price too high. You can change the price or any other part of Ad at any time after the advert has gone live. Go to with and find the item you want to edit in the list. Next to the item, click the Edit link and change the price.


I've sold my item! How do I remove the Ad?


Removing an Ad is easy. You can delete your ad by yourself using your user account then Search your ad and delete. Or Send a mail to they will follow your instruction to remove your Ad.




Why does my Ad display the wrong phone number?


We will display your private telephone number on your Ad. Instead, we replace it with a privacy number which connects buyers direct to you. There is no charge to you for this service. Contact for any help

Managing Your Details


How can I update my user account, email address, phone number?


Please kindly send a mail to


You can update any of your personal details, including your email address and phone number, from the profile page. Any changes made here take 12 hours. But email address changes will require confirmation. Please note that we do not display your private telephone number on your Ad unless you instructed us to do so. Instead, we replace it with a privacy number which connects buyers direct to you. There is no charge to you for this service.

             Managing Responses

How do buyers contact me?


There are two different ways that buyers can contact you. The first is by email. Property shop does not give out your email address, but a buyer can use the site to send an email to you. The second way a buyer can contact you is by telephone, but shields it behind an anonymous number. When a buyer dials the number we give them, they'll be put through to your phone automatically. This facility ceases to work once your Ad has expired or has been withdrawn.


Why have messages been removed from my inbox?


Occasionally, having received an email notifying you of new messages in your inbox, you may log in to find that the messages have been removed. This happens when finds scam emails or abusive messages.

            If you have any other questions that weren't answered here, please feel free to contact us. , or Hot Line +94(0)718 800 800

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